Chelliah Park City

Chelliah Park City is a joint development project between Municipal Council of Penang (MPPP) as the land owner, Penang Development Corporation as project administrator and Zubicon as its project developer. The mutual aim of this property development is to provide quality affordable residential properties to first time home buyers in Penang. 

This development project will see the building of low-medium cost and medium cost residential units complete with its leisure parks, commercial districts. Also in the plan is an area allocation for Market Street. Zubicon will give this urban reviving project another plus point with its innovative eco-friendly development plan.

Once the project comes to its full fruition, property buyers could expect livelier and greener living environment there.

Chelliah Park City, revitalization of city living.

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  • Emphasizes Pedestrian and Public Transit System
    Design priorities should be given to pedestrian and public transit systems. Clearly defined greenways and transport systems throughout the city make a substansial reduction in auto consumption of non-renewable energy.

    This is a single most important strategy in balancing and improving the air quality in the community.

    Chelliah Pavillion
    Outdoor Landscape

    Chelliah Community Park
    Playground, Picnic & Barbeque Spot


    Market Street
    Warga Emas, Post Office & Library

    Chelliah Square
    Sculpture Garden

    Riverfront Point
    Communal Garden

    Chelliah Linear Park
    Bicycle Track & Jogging Path

    Chelliah Bus Terminal
    4 bay bus terminal

    Chelliah Taxi Hub
    10 nos taxi bays

    33kV PPU
    Pusat Pencawang Utama

    Civic Center
    Multipurpose event hall

    Upgrading of Existing Road
    Upgrade of Chelliah Road

    Big Tree Skyway
    Pedestrian Priority Network

  • Current progress updated on 21st November 2014



    Current progress updated on 15th August 2014 



    Current progress updated on 26th January 2015