Core Business

Property Development

We have been in the construction industry since 1999 and becoming a full scale property developer is a natural business transformation for Zubicon. Our past projects speak volume of our capability in building comprehensive range of property development projects.

In the ever demanding and competitive property market, innovation is the key to winning the hearts of property buyers. We build not only quality and affordable properties but also eco-friendly. We strive to have all our development projects achieving the industry standard for Smart Township and Green Building Index and further meeting the QLASSIC Certification’s requirements.

In line with our Vision, we will continue to innovate to give property buyers holistic living environment.


Construction is still Zubicon’s core business to this day and Penang has become a strong base for our company whereby we are gaining reputation as an efficient construction company.

Our passion for innovation and efficiency has won us the Chelliah Park City project that encompasses a wide range of property types including low-medium cost, medium cost houses and commercial property units. The awarding of this project to our company helps us further develop our brand value in the industry.

As we continue our journey, “We Promise, We Build, We Deliver” principle will always be our guiding light in serving our customers and partners better.